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First international lash conference Amsterdam 2015
On Saturday October 31st and Sunday November 1st 2015, the first international Lash Conference edition 2015 was held. During this two day event lash technicians were able to get informed about the latest trends and techniques in the eyelash industry. The conference was a perfect opportunity to meet colleagues from the branche and network with the best European lash technicians. The conference visitors came from various European countries like the UK, Ireland, Germany, belgium, Russia, Poland, Spain and of course the Netherlands. 

The Conference was organized by Lash eXtend, the main sponsor. The other sponsors who contributed to the conference were: Wimperextensions-kopen, Wishlashes,  Flawless by Loreta, Perfect Eyelash, Lash Inc, Glamcortec and Lashforever.

Day 1
The first day was on Saturday October 31 2015 and consisted of seminars and presentations.
The subjects varied from new techniques & materials, social media, tips & tricks and salon marketing to make salons more profitable.

Her presenation was topped off by a live on stage demonstration, clearly visible to everybody by using a big screen. For the foreign visitors, the Dutch language presentations were translated in real time and presented to them by wireless headphones.

Classic Lash Battle
When the afternoon program started the participants with Silver and Platinum tickets were getting ready with their models to face off against each other by taking part in the first Classic Lash Battle in the Netherlands.

During the battle, which took 2 hours, the contestants had to create a classic One by One set. The jury consisted of the follwing lash artists: Loreta J. (Flawless by Loreta),   Yvonne van Wieren, (Lash eXtend), Michelle Vijsma, (Wishlashes) and Set Moosavi (Perfect Eyelash).
The contenstants were judged on 12 different criteria.

Day 2 - Masterclass Russian volume
For Gold and Platinum ticket holders there was a special training, given by Loreta J., Yvonne van Wieren and Hamima Latoel.
There were 15 students in the class. They learned the theory of volume lashes, 4 different volume techniques developed by Loreta and they all provided a model with a full set of volume lashes. 

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